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    Register Here As A Certified Coach Or Trainer

    If you have participated in a training program, you apply for your certification and registration directly to the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute where you will receive your certifications. Read the instructions first and then fill out the form.

    Certified Reteaming Coach


    Certified Cooperation Training Facilitator


    Certified Kids' Skills Coach / Ambassador


    Certified Kids' Skills for Parents (and other caretakers) Trainer


    Make sure to attach the required document to an email and send to us.

    Note: What you write in "My contact information" is the information that will appear on our website listing all certified coaches. See the relevant page to get an idea of how others have listed their contact information.

    Feel free to attach your picture as a jpg- or gif-file (resized to suit the website).

    Certification pricelist in Euros:

    Reteaming Coach 100,00 €

    Cooperation training Facilitator 100,00 €

    Kids' Skills Ambassador 50,00 €

    Kids' Skills for Parents Trainer 50,00 €

    As soon as you have been approved of your registration and you have paid the fee, we will send you your certificate by regular mail.

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