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    Overcoming Problems with Solution-Focused Strategies

    Every one of us faces hurdles and obstacles in achieving goals and dreams. For those who have not learned the skills, those obstacles may be large enough or frightening enough to stop all progress. For others, however, overcoming obstacles turns into a thrilling effort to develop new skills while focusing on the solution rather than the problem. Solution-focused programs such as Reteaming and Kids’ Skills teach individuals, organizations, and children as young as four years old to reach a desired outcome and goal by learning a series of new skills. These skills focus on clearly identifying the goal, celebrating success, achieving cooperation within a group (for organizations), gathering supporters who can cheer you on your way (for individuals and children), and learning and practicing your new skills as part of the overall solution.

    Coaching and Mentoring Is Crucial

    Positive Futures Institute, LLC is a place where you can receive the kind of coaching, mentoring, and therapy you need to achieve success and reach your goals. Our programs, created and developed by Psychiatrist, Ben Furman, and Tepani Ahola, Social Psychologist, have a proven track record of success and the methods are very popular in Europe in many countries. Used throughout the world, the core skills you will learn at Positive Futures Institute will help you stop looking at problems and, instead, focus on solutions. We have coached students through their doctorates and dissertations as well as assist students and individuals secure jobs. The learning and practice you will receive through our variety of services will help you apply your new skills to all areas of your life.

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