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    Coaching and mentoring is crucial in everyone’s life. Every one of us faces hurdles and obstacles in achieving goals and dreams. For those who have not learned the skills, those obstacles may be large enough or frightening enough to stop all progress. For others, however, overcoming obstacles turns into a thrilling effort to develop new skills while focusing on the solution rather than the problem. Reteaming is a co-operative solution-focused method for facilitating change in leadership, coaching, team building, and organizational development. Reteaming is a coaching-method to help them achieve cooperation within a group such as teams and organizations, gathering supporters who can cheer you on your way. The skills learned through Reteaming focus on clearly identifying the goal and celebrating success (2014) Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute.

    Reteaming Training

    Dr. Elisheva Placeres Nawrocik is accredited by the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute to train Reteaming Coaches. The Certification as a Reteaming Coach is given by the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute through Positive Futures Institute, LLC. Certified coaches are listed after they have met all requirements at The sessions for training as a Reteaming Coach are held at and paid for at Positive Futures Institute, LLC. However, once all requirements have been fulfilled, completed, and approved by Dr. Placeres Nawrocik, the applicant will include in the certification process a freely worded application stating that all criteria has been met. Payment for and Registering for Reteaming Certification is done online through the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute at:

    Kids’ Skills

    The Kids’ Skills method is for helping children as young as four years old and adolescents to overcome emotional and behavioral problems and to learn and practice their new skills as part of the overall solution process. Once they have completed the program, they will receive their certificate of completion from the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute by filling out the form at

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